Life is always easier when your relationships work!

You feel more energised. You feel more connected. You have more fun. You can enjoy your kids more. You can be more present. You feel more appreciated. You feel loved. ❤️  If you have any concerns about your relationships, get in touch for an initial conversation.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps you to understand yourself more, develop compassion towards yourself, and gain new perspectives.

Couple Therapy

couple therapy sydney australia

Couple therapy helps to break negative patterns, to listen and be understood, and to feel close again. Learn to love each other again.

Family Therapy

Family therapy enables the whole family to come together to support each other, and explore difficult thoughts and emotions.

Separating Well

Helping couples or families to separate well by acknowledging the positives in the relationship and supporting parents to be child focused.

Therapy to me is…

… a way of finding the richness that is in each of us by considering how race, gender, sexuality, religion, culture, class and power influences our values and belief systems.

… an empowering process that enables us to find our own solutions and responses to difficult and challenging life situations.

... a way of translating difficulty into discovery and creating a happier life.

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